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Ricky Eat Acid - A Smoothie Robot For My Moon Mansion

People spend a lot of money on ways to escape from it all, yet here we have something that requires only closed eyes and headphones to take you to another world.

Willfully obtuse title aside, this is an gorgeous piece of work. What we find in A Smoothie Robot For My Moon Mansion is a track that offers you the feeling of floating away from stress, from troubles - from the world. To the moon! Where there’s a mansion, apparently.

Built around a simple but sweet set of piano chords and a fantastically airy bassline that sounds like it’s being played on some kind of baritone flute, the track evolves with synth and guitar lines fading in and out like a person falling in and out of sleep. The drums are enough to push the track along without ruining the sheer honey-like sweetness of the whole thing.

I don’t think I’ve ever heard a track before that quite so well encapsulates a feeling of liquidity and the surreality of that half-awake dreamland. Try this next time you’re having a bad day, and you’ll be better for it.

A Smoothie Robot For My Moon Mansion is available on Bad Panda Records.


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